Supply List 19-20



Please review class syllabus for other required supplies.


Required Fees - all students

Additional fees




PE Uniform




ASB membership (required for sports)




Sports Participation Fee (regular)




Sports Participation Fee (free/reduced lunch)


Required Supplies:

            Ear Buds/Headphones (for testing)        Pencil pouch

            Blue or Black Ballpoint Pens                 Pencils

            4 Composition Books                          


Recommended Supplies:

            Graph paper                                        Graph composition book

            Eraser                                                  Glue stick

            Ruler                                                   Colored pencils

            Highlighter                                         Non-permanent markers

            Scissors                                               Post-it notes

            3-4 boxes of facial

tissue for the main office



    **A specific calculator or other supplies may be requested by individual teachers once classes have started.


ILC (Special Ed.) Class Supply List:

Large Pencils (Kindergarten)              



Construction Paper (package with multiple colors)

Glue Sticks (large)

Composition Book                            

Large Crayons

            (These are recommended and not required.)


Expected clothing for physical education (P.E.) participation: Grey top and red bottoms. All items should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.  PE uniforms are available for purchase in the main office for $20/set.