All students will need to get registered on our district site called Family ID

 Go to

-click on Departments

 -click on Athletics

-click on Registrations

All the schools in the district will show up here Middle School and High School

-click on Sylvester Registration

-click on Sylvester Middle School 2019-20 Season Athletics

Proceed to Registering your child


All students participating in Athletics will need to have a current Physical on file with the school

Physicals are good for 2 years and will be kept on file in the main office or my office.


All practices with the exception of Football practices Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5 pm

Football is the only sport that practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-5 pm

All students are to attend practice daily.

All students will need a certain amount of practices to compete in the first event. Your coach will let you know.


All students are to be present and in class on Game Days. The only exception will be a Dr. Appointment and a note from the parent or guardian of the student. Students will need to be cleared by either myself or Chad Kodama for this.


Season 1

Girls Softball                       7-8 Grade

Boys Soccer                        7-8 Grade

Track and Field                  6-7-8 Grade

Season 2

Boys Basketball                 7-8 Grade

Girls Soccer                         7-8 Grade

Season 3

Girls Basketball                 7-8 Grade

Wrestling                             6-7-8 Grade

Season 4

Football                                8 Grade

Cross Country                    6-7-8 Grade

Volleyball                            7-8 Grade

Bus times

There will be an Activity bus Monday-Thursday for Sports and after school activities

The bus will leave during non-game days at 5:05 from in front of the school by the steps outside of the front office

The bus will leave on game days after all of the games for that day have been played

If you are planning to take your son or daughter home after games please send an email to myself, Melissa Thomas or Chad Kodama and we will let their coach know.

All students are to ride the bus for all sporting events unless worked out prior through myself, or Chad Kodama no exceptions

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or call me


Have a great school year everyone!

Kendall Lewis

Athletic Coordinator

Sylvester Middle School