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Duckduckgo doesn't give away personal information nor bias your results (unlike popular search engines)

StartPage (Ixquick) searches the search engines without giving away personal information

Webpath Express results reviewed by educators -- humans! -- subscription database connected to our library catalog (if the link doesn't work, go to the library catalog, then find the link for Webpath Express)

Infotopia results reviewed by educators -- humans!

Scholastic Facts for Now human selected results -- enter a key word, then click on a book for articles or web sites

Sweetsearch only results reviewed by educators -- humans! -- better sources get higher ranking

Library LinksĀ 

ebooks from MackinVia (ask a teacher for the user name and password)

Let's Go Birding ebook from American Birding Association

KCLS King County Library System (including Burien Library) -- October recommendations

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Our Story teen and Our Story kids search for books by or about humans across a range of diversity (have to set up a free account first)

Onedrive Highline School District cloud storage & student e-mail

Other Sylvester student e-tools 

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Text Books on line (social studies, ..., ask a teacher for the user name and password)

World Book Online (ask a teacher for the user name and password for use away from school)

Bartlett's Quotations

Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia

Poetry Foundation

Climate Change a student guide

Rosetta Stone (ask a teacher for the user name and password)


Geologic Time 

Bibliographic Help

Magazines and Newspapers

eLibrary (ask a teacher for the user name and password)

   (also History Study CenterSIRS Discoverer, and ProQuest Literature)

ProQuest (ask a teacher for the user name and password)

Science News for Students 

Research Starting Points

News Sources

Primary Sources

World Geography


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Word Clouds

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